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Finding Safety, Trust, and Activation In Your Body Through Movement, Breath, and Dance

Your Heart as Your Compass

We as humans have the innate desire to connect with other humans on a deep level. The depth in this connection can be amplified when we are able to truly connect and feel through our own heart and soul guidance. By finding safety and trust in our own bodies through breath and movement, we open up the space to gently and intentionally activate our hearts to live a more heart-centered life. 

Exploring your own heart opening journey is an act of bravery and can open you up to fulfilling relationships, connection to a deeper life purpose, and cultivates more love and kindness towards ourselves and anyone we encounter.

Heart Activating Dance & Flow - The Workshop;

In this workshop, we will be nourished by the beautiful, gentle heart opening effects of Cacao and will set an intention for our time spent together. From there, we will begin to connect with our breath and incorporate slow, intentional movement to find safety and groundedness in our bodies, bringing us into a calm, present state. We will allow the music to guide and slowly build up the energy, by flowing through a guided vinyasa yoga sequence, infused with opportunities for intuitive dance / movement. Towards the end, we will connect as a community and finish our practice by joining together for a powerful heart-coherence meditation. 

If you are craving more of a heart-centered life that feels aligned, blissful, and connected, join us for the Heart Activating Dance & Flow workshop every other week on Thursdays at The Shala from 4:15-6pm. 

Meet Elena, your Teacher and Facilitator!

Elena, an Energetic Alignment Guide and Heartist believes in the power of holding a safe space for us to explore our own hearts, essence, and energy.

She has been a fitness instructor and coach for almost 7 years, and was a competitive dancer for 20 years of her life. Elena is also a Reiki Master and loves to curate transformative experiences for humans through 1:1 and group settings. 

Class Details & Location

For more details or to join the workshop, you can reach out to Elena through her Instagram account @elevatebyelena or email

Next dates for the workshop at The (Yoga) Shala in Dominicalito are Thursday November 30th and December 14th - view here for additional info on workshops and regular classes at The (Yoga) Shala. 

Elena and the rest of the Shala team are looking forward to welcoming you to our magical jungle oasis in the heart of Dominicalito - just 5 minutes from Dominical and 10 minutes from Uvita!


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