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A Qigong Approach to Pain Relief

We incur pain whenever we have pushed ourselves over the edge of our comfort zone. Contrary to the old mantra of “No pain, No gain”, such an approach often results in breakdown and burnout. Yet, being sedentary isn't going to prevent pain either. Is there a middle path?

In the realm of Qigong, there exists a middle path, a delicate balance where the ebb and flow of challenge and rest converge. What if we actively listened to the healing messages embedded in our pain? This requires paying close attention as we approach the edge of our comfort zone. Through mindfulness, we unlock doors to self-discovery, autonomy, and the freedom to choose our path.


Healing Pains & Holing Patterns Workshop with Sean Hall.

Sunday February 4th from 11:00 till 14:00.

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Understanding Pain as a Functional Problem

Tension and pain are not just surface-level discomforts; they represent imbalances of the energy currents within. Consider them a functional problem rather than a structural one. What appears as a breakdown in body parts are, in reality, malfunctions of the nervous system—a consequence of stress and traumatic injuries.

There is no “fix” like you are some car at the mercy of its mechanic. Instead, we can shift our perspective from fixing the body to understanding the interconnectedness of its parts. Tension and pain are not isolated incidents but symptoms of a profound pattern that pervade our entire being. Every action carries consequences, and knowing these cause-and-effect relationships empowers us to make informed choices on our healing journey.

Empowering Soma-Assessment

Practical evaluations like the Soma-Assessment, led by Sean, become a powerful tool in this introspective journey, offering opportunities to learn from our holding patterns of tension. Engaging in these moving meditations empowers us to walk away not only with a pain-free body but also with the resiliency to face challenges formerly beyond the edge of our comfort zone.

This journey is an invitation to ground our bodies with conscious actions and authentic living. Challenges transform into stepping stones, guiding us towards a life where the pursuit of peak performance becomes second nature.

In his presentations on pain relief, Sean invites you to focus on tension release via movements that retrain muscle memory. Beyond offering relief for your physical body, these comprehensive workshops delve into addressing and navigating the energetic and emotional tensions that accompany our daily lives. Ready to join a workshop?



The Equilibrium of Qigong Exploration

Sunday February 4th | 11:00 - 14:00

The Shala, Dominicalito

Much like the contrasting colors of the yin-yang symbol, this workshop invites you to discover the equilibrium needed in all aspects of life. Explore the natural flow that is inherent within our bodies, unraveling the knots of chronic pain and enabling us to navigate life with newfound ease and grace. Join us in this empowering exploration of Qigong and unlock the doors to a more balanced and harmonious path.

Can't join for the workshop? Join Sean at the Shala in Dominicalito every Sunday at 11:00 AM for a Qigong class.

Written by Sean D. Hall.

Learn more about Sean on his website.


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