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Tap Into Gentle Strength with Panthera Yoga + Reiki

Panthera Yoga + Reiki merges movement, breathwork, meditation and energy healing. We asked Britt to share more about her unique new class, what inspired her, what students can expect and of course, to tell us more about her!

What can we learn from the Panther?

Each animal carries a unique medicine. The panther, or black jaguar, invites us to embrace stillness as strength and come alive in the mystery of the dark. The style of Panthera Yoga is inspired by the panther’s unique ability to find balance between bursts of intense energy with rest and solitude. This practice shows us how to be both gentle and strong, just like the forces of nature.

How can we shift from distraction to connection? How can we embrace fear and discomfort to live more freely? When physical or emotional pain feels overwhelming, it’s hard to resist the urge to move away from it or shut it off. Connecting with the spirit of the panther teaches us that we have the power to face any challenge, even the ones that intimidate us.

Everything is energy, including our emotions. If we suppress our emotions, their energetic weight gets stored in our fascia (connective tissues) and chakras (energy centers). Panthera Yoga + Reiki merges movement, breathwork, meditation and energy healing to encourage these suppressed emotions and memories to move through you in a safe and supported space.

The Flow of the Class

As we ease into a 75-minute flow with visualization, meditation and/or breathwork, we unlock a deeper sense of trust and safety with our physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Using the breath as an anchoring point, we slowly build the momentum of a lengthening and strengthening yoga flow. The option to explore beyond your comfort zone is available in many of the poses, with variations that make this class approachable and engaging for all experience levels. No two classes are alike, introducing creative ways to move energy beyond traditional yoga poses such as pilates, fascia flossing, lymphatic drainage methods and face yoga to release jaw tension.

The panther teaches us when to act and when to rest. So after building up some heat, we nourish ourselves with a little extra time in our final resting pose (Shavasana). With your consent, your teacher will offer a unique experience of hands-on reiki touch to deepen your relaxation and support your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

*With gratitude for the warm welcome I’ve received from those who call Costa Rica home, this class is offered at a special price for locals (4 mil). If cost is a barrier, I offer pay-what-you-can as an option to make yoga accessible to all.

About Your Teacher, Britt Wright

Following a desire to live limitlessly, I shifted from a relatively traditional life working in corporate marketing towards a more unconventional path living in the jungle of Costa Rica. Yoga and reiki showed me that fear and excitement present themselves identically in our bodies. This changed everything for me. I learned life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself. Instead of letting fear keep me stuck in familiar patterns, I embraced it and challenged myself to do one thing every day that scares me. Discomfort became my guiding force. Gaining wisdom from Shoden and Okuden training (Traditional Japanese Reiki Level I and II) and spiritual guidance from Clara Shinobu Iura of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers empowered me to infuse spirituality and energy healing in Panthera Yoga + Reiki.

Join Britt on the mat at the Shala in Dominicalito. Every Thursday at 10:45 AM.

Find the full Shala Schedule and more details here.

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