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Pointy Toes, Squats, and Laughs: Barre Classes in Paradise

Lauren the Barre teacher at the Shala is demonstrating a Barre move

Hola, amigos of Dominical! Seeking a new fitness adventure that harmonizes balance and strength? Look no further than The Shala's Barre classes. Whether you're a tourist after the perfect mix of adventure and serenity or live in the area and looking to spice up your fitness routine, Barre classes will make you go "Who knew fitness could be this fun?".

So, What Exactly is Barre?

Picture this: the elegance of a ballerina, the strength of a warrior, and the grace of a sloth (minus the slowness!). Barre is a fitness extravaganza that takes the best bits of Pilates, yoga, ballet, and strength training, shakes them up, and voilà—Barre magic! Our instructor, Lauren, adds her own touch with good music and on Tuesday evenings even with a live sound bath at the end.

Why Should You Give It a Go?

Lauren the Barre teacher at the Yoga Shala in Dominical is laughing and having fun whilst teacher her class
  • Muscle Toning: Sculpt those limbs without lifting heavy weights. Think long, lean muscles ready for the beach!

  • Improved Posture: Channel your inner palm tree—stand tall, sway gently, and defy gravity!

  • Low-Impact Cardio: Cardio that's easy on the joints? Yes, please! Feel the burn without feeling the ache.

  • Mind-Body Connection: Challenge your brain while sculpting that bod. Multitasking never felt this good!

  • Accessible to All Fitness Levels: Whether you're a yoga guru or a fitness newbie, we've got your back (and your core, and your thighs... you get the idea).

Lauren's Promise: Joy, Curiosity and Puppy love!

Expect challenges, expect joy, and most importantly, expect Lauren to sprinkle each class with elements of joy and curiosity. We're not just here to work out; we're here to connect, sway, and maybe even find a new favorite move. And little Gus will be there to accompany you the whole way through!

Ready to Dive In?

No experience? No problem! Lauren meets you where you're at—no judgment, just good vibes and a solid full-body and brain workout. It's all about persistence, dedication, and, of course, enjoying the journey. Who said fitness couldn't be a serene celebration? Lauren teaches 3x per week at the Shala, join her evening class on Tuesday 5PM, or her morning classes on Wednesday and Friday at 7AM. Find our schedule here.

So, whether you're a wanderlust-fueled tourist or a local who loves exercise and community, join us at The Shala for Barre classes that'll have you saying, "This is paradise, with a side of plié!" 🌺🩰

See you at the barre, amigos!

Namaste and limber love,

The Shala Family

A buddah statue between two pillars with a jungle background at the Yoga Shala in Dominical


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