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Wholeness, Embodied; Meet Yoga Teacher Hanna & RYME

People ask me a lot, what exactly is RYME yoga? 

The answer isn’t simple. 

Wholeness, embodied. 

Playing with your power. 

Balancing effort + ease. 

Building heat and grounding down. 

Expanding community. 

Creating and taking up space. 

Harmonizing your inner and outer world. 

Coming back to yourself. 

Connecting to your breath. 

Slowing down. 


I have been practicing yoga for over half of my life now (17 years woah!) so yoga truly lives in my body as a way of being. Of course, I have done the trainings and read the books and learned the things but the combination of experiences I have had over the years of my life has led me to create and hold space in the way that I do. Usually the stories I share or the pages I flip to are things I am currently working on myself, pondering, growing from. I create a space for energetic exchange within a class. We are learning together. 

I am watching you and feeling you, as a whole person and as a whole group and moving with your energy. There is no script, no plan, no blueprint, what is needed comes through with careful observation and deep trust.  The school teacher in me (I used to teach third grade!) innately desires to meet everyone on their level, so you will always feel safe and spacious within a RYME yoga class. 

You will truly RYME your breath and movement together, with an intentional focus on equalizing and deepening your lung capacity. You will experience a blend of science and spirit, as I love to blend the learnings throughout my years of school and studying the neuroscience of mindfulness with a simple text from my favorite author, Yung Pueblo. You will feel strong in your body and feel challenged to go further while basking in the gratitude of what is. The sequence is simple and consistent, so that you can focus your energy in dropping in instead of keeping up. 

RYME yoga is also a part of a greater whole. RYME retreats include yoga, and a variety of other modalities. Where you can go even deeper in exploring the harmony of your body and mind. Through our modalities, my bff and co-founder, Loes and I will guide you through a transformation experience. Through EMDR, hypnotherapy, water therapy, meditation and more, you will learn to release blockages, trust yourself and move forward with (more) clarity and connection. 

As one client recently shared, what she learned is truly a lifestyle that still lives in her body. 

For more information on RYME retreats, visit or follow us ig@ryme_withus 

Or drop in for a taste of RYME on Wednesday 9am at The Shala! 



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