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Vagus Nerve & Nervous System Self Regulation Workshop✨

If you would like to expand your toolkit with a variety of simple, pragmatic and easy to do practices that will shift your state quickly and help you to feel centered, calm, grounded and resourced on a more consistent basis, this workshop is for you.

Saturday, January 27th

2:30 to 5 PM, led by Prema Gaia

Learn Practical Tools to Feel Safe and Rooted in Your Body

Over this 3 hour workshop, you will discover new pathways for gaining nervous system resiliency and cultivating greater emotional stability.

Prema will share resources and information to support you in toning the vagus nerve, which is the longest cranial nerve in the body, and is responsible for restoring relaxation after a response to stress, trauma or adversity.

Increasing the tone and function of the vagus nerve can help make you more resilient to stress overall and help you feel less debilitated by things that may have been overstimulating or triggering for you in the past.

Understand How to Come out of the Fight or Flight', ‘Freeze’ or ‘Shutdown’ Response.

Prema will share tools for self-regulating your nervous system and understanding how to come out of the 'fight or flight', ‘freeze’ or ‘shutdown’ response, and into a state of feeling safe and rooted in your body.

These practices will draw from the wisdom of Polyvagal Theory, Breathwork, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure Points, EFT Tapping, Somatic Experiencing, Feldenkrais, Eye Yoga, Cold Water Therapy, and Self-Massage.

This workshop will include step-by-step guidance on somatic, body-focused practices for you to explore in order to discover the tools that work the best for you.

These practices will support and empower you along the journey of befriending your nervous system and tracking your body’s unique signals effectively.

✨The workshop is based on an online course created in March of 2023 by Prema, which has now been taken by over 11,000 students worldwide.✨

Led by: Prema Gaia -

Booking required via WhatsApp: +1 (541) 631 1156

Transformational Mentor, Nervous System Educator, Somatic Coach


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