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Top 5 Essentials For Your Costa Rica Vacation

It's hot, humid, sunny, beachy, rainy, rocky - so many weather and nature elements to consider when packing your (ideally small) bag for Costa Rica. Here are our top five must brings!

1. The light, airy long sleeved, loose fitted, linen blouse

You will be so happy that you packed this when you are on a beach walk in mid-day sunshine! The loose fit makes it ideal even if you feel like you are losing half your body weight in sweat 😅 ! As Costa Rica can be quite humid it anything loose and made out of cotton is fantastic. Plus it looks super cute if you wear it over a bikini or a yoga top. This is one of our favorites on Amazon, it comes in lots of color options - PLUS it has the huge advantages of not needing ironing. And thats definitely not something you want to worry about whilst on vacation!

2. Thin, comfy biker shorts x4!

It's so convenient that biker shorts are so in fashion these days, because they are perfect for a travel vacation. Best to pack four of your favorite biker shorts as you will wear them most days. Think hiking, yoga, travel and exploring days, biker shorts are perfect for all! And if you are aiming to travel light, these are great as you can roll them up nice and small! Amazon offers great 4 packs of thin fabric biker shorts in different colors, we love these longer and these shorter ones.

3. External charger with flashlight!

Yes it exists and its amazing! To be honest, it does not really matter when you travel to Costa Rica, the likelihood that you will experience a heavy rainstorm that might cut the power.. is pretty high! As I'm writing this we are in "dry season" and yesterday we had a huge storm that cut the power for 4 hours. It's part of the Pura Vida life and as long as you are prepared, it's actually quite fun! Having a flashlight is a must and combining this with an external battery is just so useful - not just for power-cuts, but also for long bus journeys you will be happy to have an external battery with you. We super love this little gadget on Amazon!

4. Travel Journal <3

Even if you are not someone who journals daily, keeping a travel journal is so worth the effort. Besides the fact that it's nice to reflect on the day you've had, you will get to remember special details of your vacation months and years later. Here are three of our favorite small travel journals:

  1. The adventurer, explorer journal

  2. The "I'm not just going to Costa Rica" journal

  3. The "I don't need therapy" journal

5. We don't have five, we need you for that one! Leave your best travel essential in the comments below!


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