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Weekly Pilates Classes in the Dominical Area

Once you experience a really good pilates class - you might just be hooked! Let us introduce you to that class, right here in Dominicalito.

Meet Sarah, Sarah is originally from Budapest, Hungary but is currently living in the Uvita area. A sudden injury forced Sarah to pause her basketball career and explore different forms of exercise that would help with her recovery. Experiencing the benefits first hand, Sarah's love for pilates was born! :)

Sarah is a certified yoga and pilates teacher and has been teaching for over X years now.

Pilates is an amazing way to strengthen your body and especially your core! You will feel the benefits of a good pilates practice in everything you do - it will help your surfing, it will improve your posture, the way you walk, the way you feel in your body, and so much more.

Meditative, Low-Impact Pilates

Sarah's pilates class is not your regular traditional "gym pilates" class. She has developed a practice that draws from her love for yoga, breathwork and overall spiritual journey. Her classes focus on strengthening your muscles, whilst also releasing physical and mental tensions.

We spoke with Sarah to get a better understanding of how she would describe her classes.

"As I guide you in what I like to call "intelligent movement", I will use hands on assistance to help you find your center. Each time you join my class you'll notice yourself having become a little stronger, a little more aligned and enjoying an improvement in flexibility. The movements we do in class are controlled, precise and slow. After pushing our physical body we take moments of rest and refocus on our breathing. Throughout the entire class I continuously bring you back to your breath, encouraging you to use your breath for strength and release. We end the practice in Shavasana and a guided meditation."

When and Where?

Sarah teaches Pilates every Wednesday at 17:00 and every Friday morning at 7:30 (perfect if you want to combine it with a trip to the Friday Dominical Market) at the Shala!

The Shala, Dominicalito, Dominical, Yoga, Pilates

The Shala is located in Dominicalito, just 12 minutes from Uvita and less than 5 from Dominical.


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