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4 Book Recommendations From a Yoga Teachers

The untethered soul by Michael Alan Singer.

This book is a top recommendation for me. It is a book that I read annually and get something new from it every time. It offers the reader a deep look inward and meets you wherever you are at in your journey.

Find it online here: LINK

Lighter by Yung Pueblo.

Anything by the poet Yung Pueblo is gold but in this book he helps the reader explore how you can let go of past trauma to live life in a more present and fulfilling way.

You can also listen to it as an audio book! Find it here: LINK

Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.

If you are looking to understand your soul and that of others on a deeper level this book It will give you a deeper understanding of humanity and how we are evolving as a species.

Find it on Amazon: LINK

The Tibetan book of the living and dying.

I recommend this book if you are a little further along in your spiritual journey. Within this book is a vast wealth of knowledge from Tibetan Buddhism that will absolutely blow your mind and your understanding of life, death and what comes after.

Find it online here: LINK

Thank you Carly for sharing your book recommendations with us! Carly is a tenured yoga teacher from Canada who besides teaching regular yoga classes, hosts beautiful retreats in Costa Rica.


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